This is taken from Pyrate's Glossary - HoN Terms with quite a few edits and additions

Metagame Terms

Last Hit - Getting the killing blow on an enemy creep
Deny - Getting the killing blow on a friendly creep (hero, or building) to deny the enemy experience and gold
Laning - Term to describe the first section of the game, where you spend most of the time in a single lane.
Gank - Attacking an enemy hero by surprise, generally with superior numbers.
Roam - Term used to describe the act of wandering around the map, setting up ambushes.
Harass - To focus on damaging the enemy heroes during the laning phase.
Babysit - When a hero focuses on harassing enemy heroes & denying creeps instead of creep kills in the laning phase. This helps their lanemate farm safely.
Miss - The term used to alert the team that a hero in your lane is no longer there, used only during early & mid game. Common Usage: "miss top". MIA, SS, -2 also are used.
Re - Returned, used when the hero that was called Miss has returned to his lane
b - Short for back, means just that, move back towards your base.
Push - Attempting to destroy enemy towers or Rax's, may be simply typed as P
Tower Dive - The act of attempting to kill an enemy hero in early game while they are protected by their tower
Leech - Standing at a safe distance, but still close enough to gain experience from creeps being killed (Max XP range = 1000 units)
Farm - Focusing on killing creeps (not heroes) to get gold and experience.
Static Farm - Farming by dealing equal damage to friendly and enemy creeps, in order to keep the creeps clashing in the same spot.
Jungling - Attacking the creeps in the forest
CS (CK) - Creep score - # of creeps killed/denied
Creep Stacking - Pulling away neutral creeps from their camp just before their respawn timer(x:50-x:56) in order to cause extra neutral creeps to spawn
Creep Pulling - Pulling the neutral creeps into the lane so that the lane creeps and neutral creeps fight(x:15 or x:45). This makes it easier to kill the neutrals early on and denies the enemy from any creeps that get killed in the action.
Creep Blocking - Blocking the enemies neutral creeps from spawning, usually with wards. Ward Blocking
Juking - Using the hidden paths in the forest to lose an enemy
Early Game - The first section of the game, mostly comprised of Laning, generally Levels 1-6
Mid Game - Middle section of the game that generally includes ganking, some short pushes on the first and second row of towers and farming, generally levels 7-16, but may go as high as level 20
Late Game - Section of the game where teams shift focus to destroying the enemy base, generally from around level 16
Turtle - A strategy that is based on keeping all the teams towers alive as long as possible so that their carry can safely farm.
Tower Hugging - Where a player tries to keep all creeps in his lane close to his tower by focusing on denies & allied creep damage
Trilane - Where lanes are setup 3-1-1. Usually: (2 supports+1 carry), (1 semi-carry), (1 semi-carry). Instead of the normal 2-1-2.
Rune Whoring - Taking the rune/tablet as soon as it spawns to prevent the enemy from getting it. Generally a tactic used to refill a bottle.
Backdoor / bd - Term used to describe attacking towers and the base when you have no ally creeps around


Ult/Ultimate - The last ability for each hero [R], it is available to level at level 6,11 and 16
Disable - A skill or item prevents the enemy from acting. Also referred to as Crowd Control (CC), Hex, Sheep
Snare - A skill that reduces the enemy's movement speed.
Nuke - A skill that does a large amount of instant damage.
AoE - Stands for "Area of Effect", skills that affect an area rather than a single enemy.
PB-AoE - Point Blank AoE. AoE ability centered on your hero.
Skill Shot - Skills the require manually aiming a projectile. (Valk's Javelin, Pharaoh's Ult, etc.)
Build - What general order you will level your skills and/or what items you intend to get.
Orb Walking - Using an attack modifier, such as Arachna's Web Shot, to attack, get closer, attack, get closer, attack and so on.
Blink - A short-range teleport skill.
Disjoint - Magmus & Glad (#4 & #1) Using a skill to dodge projectiles that have a travel time (e.g. Magebane blinking from Andromeda's stun)
Proc - The effect from an item or skill that occurs randomly (like Blacksmith's Multicast or crit %)
Crit - "Critical Hit".
DoT - "Damage over Time".
CD - "Cooldown".


KS or Kill Steal - taking the last hit on an enemy hero, even though you did little to no work in the fight. Exception: if the hero would get away without your help.
DD - Double Damage, one of the rune buffs. (Only doubles base damage)
Regen - The regeneration rune. (The buff will end if you take damage or are at 100% health and mana).
Invis - Can mean either the Invisibility rune or can refer to when a hero is invisible. Stealth.
Feed - To die multiple times when death could be avoided.
Plant - An intentional feeder, to either grief teammates or simply to help the enemy team (scum).
Ricer - A person who farms at every available moment.
Kite - Using slow effects or speed on a ranged hero to attack an enemy while running away so they cant get close enough to attack you.
Aggro - Term used to describe the AI's attacking behavior. For example: you have Tower or Creep "aggro" if they're attacking you.
Inhouse - A game in which players who join are from a specific clan or group of friends, a more of a competitive style of play, a scrim
Glyph - Makes buildings immune to damage, 5min teamwide cooldown. Default keybind is "i".
Warding - Items that grant vision once placed on the ground (6 min duration, limit on # of wards). Knowledge is the key to victory
Counter Wards - Wards that can see invisible units. These allow you to see enemy Wards of Sight or invisible heroes. "Blue Wards".
Clearvision - Sight that is unobstructed by trees or cliffs. "Flying Vision" (does not see invisible heroes)
Base Damage - Your starting damage + 1 for every point in your main attribute (Str, Int, Agi)
Unit Walking - The ability to walk through all non-structure units. (Ghost Marchers)
KDR - Stands for Kill/Death Ratio
APM - Actions Per Minute
DPS - Damage per second
Wombo Combo - To instantly crush someone before they can retaliate (Pebbles Stalagmite+Chuck, WHERE YOU AT?)
lb - the player in the light blue slot
dg - the player in the dark green slot
oj - the player in the orange slot

Hero Roles

Hard-Carry (Maliken [Testie])
Heroes that have a weak presence early game but can carry your team to victory with damage output late game. (Wildsoul, Maliken etc.)
Semi-Carry (Notail [Tort])
Heroes that can take over a game because of a strong level & gold advantage. They typically have skills that are strong all game long. They have a better early & mid game than hard carries but they lack the scaling of hard carries. (Torturer, Wretched Hag, Corrupted Disciple etc.)
Heroes with abilities that are designed to help team members, such as with healing, buffing, and removing debuffs. (Accursed, Demented Shaman etc.)
Heroes who start team fights. This includes heroes with AoE disables (Tempest, Behemoth, Bubbles etc.) and displacing abilities (Andromeda)
Heroes that can quickly destroy enemy towers due to their ability to summon additional units or swiftly clear the area of enemy creeps. (Defiler, Torturer etc.)
Heroes that are designed to kill via using instant damage dealing skills. (Thunderbringer, Pyromancer etc.).
Heroes whose main goal is control over enemy heroes rather than focusing on pure damage. (Pollywog Priest, Succubus etc.)
Heroes who can absorb large amounts of damage. They run/port in first to grab players attention. Mainly psychological (Legionnaire)

Game Modes

CM - Casual Mode - HonWiki says it best
AP - All Pick - Players can select from the entire pool of heroes on a first-come first-served basis.
AR - All Random - Each player is randomly assigned a hero.
SD - Single Draft - Players can choose from 3 random heroes per person. (1 Agi, 1 Int, 1 Str).
RD - Random Draft - Players pick from a common, randomly reduced pool of heroes in an alternating fashion.
BD - Banning Draft - Similar to Random Draft, except you ban 4 total heroes before picks start
BP - Banning Pick - Team Captains first ban 3 heroes from the entire pool and then teams alternate hero selection similar to Random Draft.
AB - Auto Balance - The host will use the "Balance Teams" button.

Example game names:
"5v5 BP 1700+" = 5v5, Banning Pick, Normal Mode (Assumed if no "CM"), for players with PSR of 1700 or more
"5v5 APCM 1600+ no AB" = 5v5, All Pick, Casual Mode, for players with more than 1600 PSR, No Auto balancing (Typically 5 friends)

The Map

Lane - The paths that the creeps follow. Top, Mid & Bot are the names of the 3 lanes.
Jungle/Forest - The area where the neutral creeps reside, describes most areas that are not a lane
Base - The area with buildings, both your base and the enemy base
Secret Shop - The shop that is in each teams forest
Outpost - The shop that is on the top and bottom lanes, near the river

The Enemy and The Base

Creeps - The little creatures that spawn from each base, or ones that reside in the forest.
Kongor - Strong boss NPC in the middle of the map, name changes depending on the map, also referred to as Rosh
Neutrals - The creeps in the forest that are not aligned to either team
Ancients - The strong neutrals that reside in the forest (Red camp)
Mega Creeps - The improved creeps that spawn after a teams barracks is destroyed
Rax - Barracks, each lane has 2 for each team. Can also be used to mean attack the enemy barracks. Melee Rax First!!
Shrine - The main building in each base that must be defended, also referred to as Throne
Fountain - The fountain-like structure at which you spawn and heal

Status Effects

This is a list of the possible status effects in the game, taken from Trysaeder's List of status effects
Stunned - Completely incapacitated
Silenced - Cannot cast spells.
Perplexed - Cannot use items.
Immobilized - Cannot move or cast movement spells.
Disarmed - Cannot attack.
Revealed - Can be seen/targeted as if you did not have invisibility.
Sighted - Gives vision of the target.
Restrained - Can move; cannot use movement spells

Spawn Times

Creep Waves - Spawn every 30 seconds
Neutral Creeps - Spawn every 60 seconds (except first spawn at :30sec)
Runes - spawn every 2 minutes (starting at 2:00)
Trees - spawn every 5 minutes